Senior Software Engineer (PHP)

Job description

Who is Castor?

Castor is one of the fastest growing healthtech startups. Our mission is to bring medical research into the digital age. Why? Because medical research is still largely run using free-text, paper and spreadsheets. By enabling our users to capture high quality data and making it machine readable, we are fundamentally changing the broken evidence based medicine process. You’ve found yourself a company with a true purpose. Learn more at and on our Life at Castor instagram channel.

How is Castor supporting the Coronavirus crisis?

Castor has joined the global fight against the Coronavirus by making our research data capture system available for free for all COVID-19 research projects. As of May 01st, Castor is supporting more than 180 COVID-19 studies across the world.

Castor’s MyConsent team

Patients play a pivotal role in medical research, spending time and energy to contribute to the advancement of science. We started MyConsent as a privacy-preserving electronic (re-)consent application to stimulate data re-use.

With the coronavirus crisis affecting research projects worldwide, we realized that digital interaction with research participants is a key ingredient for the continuity of medical research in a post-COVID era.

For this reason, we are expanding into a full-fledged eConsent and patient engagement platform, while maintaining our vision to provide a secure and privacy-preserving experience.

What you’ll do

At Castor our stack,'s stacked! With PHP at it's heart, MyConsent is built with Laravel, Vue.js, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Docker, PostgreSQL, Tideways and NewRelic to realise our vision, ensuring our products and tools embrace the frontier of innovation:

  • Designing, ‘debugging’ and coding for a growing network of study participants and medical researchers
  • Analysing performance data and optimising bottlenecks to ensure we maintain our growth
  • Deconstructing user requirements to model optimal, scalable, solutions
  • Working on automated toolchains to construct and integrate our applications
  • Collaborating with and mentoring engineers, championing their technical growth

What you’ll bring

A repertoire of coding comprehension! Being a savvy and seasoned software engineer, you’ll know how to decrypt and improve legacy code whilst keeping yourself abreast of current trends:

  • Extensive practical experience with PHP, design patterns, OOP, and automated tests
  • Experience in scaling up cloud-based applications
  • Practical working experience with symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, thoroughly understanding their implications
  • A consortium of coding knowledge, being able to build new, globally scaling features
  • A positive approach to mentoring and supporting others in their development

What you’ll learn

It’s a crucial time for Castor. We’re on ‘full power mode’ and scaling-up at an exponential rate. For you, the opportunities are endless:

  • How to build robust ‘bulletproof’ security which protects patients medical data
  • Working with a diverse group of PHP practitioners from all over the world
  • To share your ideas openly and influence the growth of a true scale-up company
  • Be involved in maximising the impact of medical research and improving healthcare

What you'll get

At Castor we truly live and breath our core value, believing we can 'achieve anything with a healthy and happy team.' With this in mind, we offer the following benefits:

  • Awesome new office near Amsterdam Amstel station - the Castor Burrow!
  • A competitive salary plus a guaranteed 'happy holidays' bonus 
  • An advantageous allocation in our Employee Stock Option Plan
  • 30 days annual leave (plus national holidays)
  • Interested in ‘lifelong learning’? You’ll love using our development and training budget
  • We love good food! So, we provide lunch and healthy snacks in the office every day
  • Want to keep your PJs on? Then work from home one day each week!
  • Flexible approach to working - nobody is tracking your time except you.
  • A new MacBook or Dell laptop, we’re a tech start-up after all ;)
  • Like to feel zen? You’ll love our daily meditation, in our very own office ‘relax room’
  • How do we care about your wellbeing outside of work? A company subscription to Calm
  • Grow together as a team during our annual company retreat