Senior Frontend Developer

Job description

What you’ll do?

To make medical research faster and smarter we need to build an application with best possible UI/UX.Your responsibilities will include:

  • Creating a new well-structured, tested and accessible React frontend

  • Investigating and writing automated unit-, functional and acceptance tests

  • Creating scalable design systems and pattern libraries

  • Migrating components from our ExtJS (3.4 / 6.5) projects to React

  • Building adaptive and accessible user-interfaces

What you’ll work with?

Currently, we are using Sencha ExtJS 3.4 and 6.5 for our frontend, which needs to be migrated to a new React-based frontend. The backend consists of modern PHP7 applications, backed by multi-tenant MySQL/MariaDB databases. The frontend consists of React, redux, Jest

Our toolset includes Jenkins, Github, Slack, JIRA. Confluence.


What you’ll bring?

You have experience with building up large-scale frontend JavaScript applications from scratch using React. You enjoy working in an environment where high quality, well-structured code is preferred over quick fixes and hacks.

  • 5+ years of Frontend experience

  • Experience with Javascript, preferably with the React framework and Typescript. 

  • Able to write maintainable HTML and CSS code 

  • Experience with designing and developing applications

  • Strong customer focus

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English

  • A healthy interest in science, medicine and healthcare

What you’ll learn

It’s a crucial time for Castor. We’re on ‘full power mode’ and scaling-up at a fast rate. Working with us gives you:

  • Experience in building robust ‘bulletproof’ security which protects patients medical data

  • A work environment where you can share your ideas openly and influence the growth of a true scale-up company

  • The chance to contribute to maximising the impact of medical research and improving healthcare