PHP Developer

Job description

Are you a PHP Developer who wants to develop ‘to infinity and beyond’ in their next job?


What you’ll do

At Castor, our stack,’s stacked! With PHP at it’s heart, our world comprises of technologies including PHP7, ZF 2/3, Github, Doctrine 2, Jenkins, Docker, MySQL, Ansible, ReactJS, Tideways and NewRelic. Your tasks include:  

  • Designing, ‘debugging’ and writing code for a growing network of medical researchers
  • Deconstructing user requirements to model optimal, scalable, solutions
  • Working on automated toolchains to construct and integrate our applications

What you’ll learn

It’s a crucial time for Castor. We’re on ‘full power mode’ and scaling-up at a fast rate. Working with us gives you:

  • The opportunity to learn from really good seniors!
  • Experience in building robust ‘bulletproof’ security which protects patients medical data
  • A work environment where you can share your ideas openly and influence the growth of a true scale-up company
  • The chance to contribute to maximising the impact of medical research and improving healthcare



What you’ll bring

A humble, curious and analytical mind! In addition, you have:

  • 3+ years of experience with PHP development 
  • Experience with design patterns, OOP, automated testing and SQL
  • Interest in security and privacy