Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for a job at Castor

1. How do I submit my job application?
At Castor, we accept job applications via our careers website. If you do reach out via LinkedIn or email, whilst we can answer clarifying questions, you will still need to submit a formal application.

2. What should I expect after submitting my application?
Your application will be reviewed by a dedicated colleague within our talent team. We will be looking to see how closely your skills and experience match the requirements for this role.

3. When can I expect to hear back from Castor?
We're still a small team in a fast-growing startup. This could mean your application doesn't get a response for up to 10 days. However, we don't want to keep you waiting for too long. Usually, you can expect to hear back from us in 2 - 3 days. You will be informed of an outcome either way - so please keep an eye out for an email from us!

4. I’m considering my application. What can I do to help me decide?
We want you to be excited about making your application to join Castor’s purpose-driven team. On our careers website, you can learn more about our working life as a remote-first company. You can also take a look into our culture, and see some of the faces behind Castor. Additionally, you can take a look at our Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and LifeatCastor Instagram accounts.

5. Do I need to write a cover letter?
For the majority of our roles, we make cover letters optional. If you would like to add some voiceover to your application, it never hurts to put your best foot forward! However, we will evaluate your application based on your skills, experience and alignment with the role and our values.
Interviewing at Castor

1. How can I prepare for my interviews?
The most important thing to remember when interviewing at Castor is to be yourself! We truly encourage you to let your personality shine through. We are always looking for people with different ideas, backgrounds, and identities to help drive Castor forward. Aside from this, we would encourage you to read and re-read the job description, and think about how your skills and experiences allow you to bring value. And, make sure to think about the Castor values in your interviews, as these are something we live each and every day. If there is anything specific for you to prepare, don’t worry, we will inform you in advance and give you time to get ready. 

2. Is the first interview going to be a video call or a phone call?
As a remote-first company, we are using Zoom to support all communications across Castor. This includes interviewing. It is very common for all interviews to be held on Zoom, via audio or video call. 

3. What are some of the ‘Do’s & Don'ts’ for video interviews?

  Test your tech: ensure your connection is good and your camera/audio are working

  Feel comfortable: find a suitable, quiet and private spot

  Be prepared: get ready to showcase what you know about the job and company

  Take it seriously: your application got you to this stage, now make it shine!

  Examples: be ready to share what, when, how, and why you’ve done things

  Be truthful: ask clarifying questions and be honest if you don’t know the answer

  Over complicate things: give detailed but succinct answers

  Play the blame game: it’s best to focus on what you have/haven’t done and not the actions of others

  Be distracted: take time to focus and set yourself for success

  Forget to ask questions: we want you to challenge us and ask interesting questions

4. What can I expect from a typical interview process?
If your application is successful, you will first be invited to an interview with a member of our talent team. After this, you can usually expect a 2 -3 stage interview process where you will meet the hiring manager, and other members of the team. Applying for an Engineering or Management level role? It could be a little longer.

Fill out a short application on our careers website.

Telephone Call
Telephone Call

If your application is successful, we’ll invite you to an intitial call with a member of our talent team.

Manager interview
Manager interview

Great news! You’re invited to meet the hiring team.

Interview Day
Interview Day

Now we’ve got even better acquanted, we’d like to invite you to a final stage interview day.


Congratulations! We’re making you a formal offer to join as our next Castorian!

5. Will I need to prepare anything for my interviews?
The majority of your interviews will be focussed on situational, behavioural, values and competency based questions. For most jobs, when reaching a final stage interview, we do ask you to take part in a business case activity. This can be something you put together in advance (such as a presentation), or something you do during the interview itself (such as a team collaboration exercise or role play).

6. Will my technical interview differ from the standard process?
Yes. Our technical interview processes are a little longer. You can expect 4 - 5 stages. This will also include a x4 hours take-home coding challenge. As a thank you for your work and time investment in this coding challenge, we will reward you with an Amazon voucher.

7. What should I wear to my interview?
Castor has a very relaxed environment where you are encouraged and given the freedom to express and embrace your individuality. With that in mind, this is an interview, so it never hurts to put your best foot forward!
Joining Castor
1. How will I receive a job offer from Castor?
Following a final interview, you will always receive feedback from the hiring manager. If it’s a positive outcome, they will also present you with an offer.

2. What can I expect from a job offer at Castor?
We will provide you with a document we call ‘Offer at a glance.’ Here, you’ll find a professional, financial, and development offer, along with some legal bits of information.

3. What happens after I accept a job offer?
Once you’ve accepted your offer, you’ll receive a version of the offer at a glance to sign. This will already be pre-signed by a member of our C-level team, making it a legally binding offer.

4. What are the next steps after I’ve signed my offer?
Your recruiter will work with you on referencing and background checks. You will also hear from our Workplace and Office Experience Specialist, who will provide you with support during your welcome and onboarding.

5. When will I receive my contract or employment agreement?
Once your references and background checks are complete, you will receive your contract of employment.

6. Will I always be employed by Castor?
If you are working in The Netherlands or The United States, you will be employed by Castor. If you work remotely in another country, we will employ you through our employment partner You will still be a ‘Castorian’ and access all of our policies, support, and benefits.

7. What can I expect from my onboarding?
Depending on your role and team, your onboarding could be a little different. However, we work with Appical to help you journey get off to a great start!