Meet our Castorians

What does it mean to be a Castorian? Meet some of the people behind Castor, take a look at how our teams are pioneering the work of clinical researchers and discover where you can make an impact.
  • Frank Houweling
    Frank Houweling

    I'm working on the future of electronic consent!

    The best aspect of working at Castor is our internal “meet the researcher” events where we can hear from researchers who use our products to conduct medical research. Within seconds it becomes abundantly clear that Castor’s products really make a difference. eConsent, the product me and my teamwork on, enables remote- and decentralized research, creating possibilities for new medical studies and a more diverse participant population. Hearing these real success stories from researchers proves that #datasaveslives.

    Engineering Team Lead

  • Rob Konterman
    Rob Konterman

    I'm the all-rounder that ensures everything is running as smoothly as possible.

    I originally 'fell' for our CEO, Derk's vision of making medical research data reusable across the globe. I'm his counterpart, working with all the teams to turn his vision into reality: step by step, project by project, and OKR by OKR. In the end, I want to help get treatments to patients faster.

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Frouke Karel
    Frouke Karel

    I guide our eConsent solution to become more desirable every day.

    There is still much to gain in the medical research world when it comes down to software solutions. To be part of the team that is literally building the product is really motivating and rewarding!

    Product Owner

  • Brittany Bayne
    Brittany Bayne

    I ensure that our remote-first Castorians have the best employee experience.

    I’m proud to support our remote-first Castorians who are driving our mission forward. Aligning with our value to ‘achieve anything with a healthy and happy team’, I get the opportunity to drive Castor's culture, employer branding and employee well-being initiatives.

    Remote Happiness Specialist

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Our Values

The foundations for our decisions and the guiding voice of how we collaborate together as a team.
Healthy & Happy
Healthy & Happy

Achieve anything with a healthy and happy team

Maximise Impact
Maximise Impact

Maximise research impact

Push Boundaries
Push Boundaries

Push boundaries through direct communication and diversity

Amaze Our Users
Amaze Our Users

Amaze through user friendly and rewarding experiences

Act Responsibly
Act Responsibly

Act responsibily and protect the data

Cultivating the Castor Culture

Now an international, remote-first company, take a look at how Castor’s small Amsterdam based team began developing the foundations of our purpose-driven culture.

Diversity and Inclusion at Castor

Castor is proud to be open, welcoming, and inclusive for all. We promote a culture where people's identities, ideas, backgrounds, values, and personalities are celebrated.
Alexandra Marinescu
Alexandra Marinescu

“Joining Castor allowed me to understand that inclusivity and belonging are the norm, not a struggle in organisations.”

I always felt most comfortable in diverse workplaces, so joining Castor fit me like a glove from day 1. The surprise for me was realising how many ‘new’ blindspots I uncovered and learned from in a few months, by just being exposed to more and more people with unique social and cultural upbringings and experiences. I thought I was already open minded and inclusive myself, now I only think that there is so much room ahead to shake off unintentional ignorance and keep on growing.

Product Owner

The Castor Community

We’re a purpose driven team committed to supporting the entire clinical research process. But, behind the scenes, we’re making even more of a social impact.
Castor has joined the climate fight Castor has joined the climate fight

Castor plants 10 trees for each study that goes live! Researchers don’t have to do anything, we simply donate funds on their behalf, regardless of whether it is a paid or free study.

Bringing bees back in ‘buzziness’ Bringing bees back in ‘buzziness’

We were ‘bee-yond’ happy to welcome a colony of bees to Amsterdam. To support the bee population and local biodiversity, we installed our very own ‘urban beehive’ on our HQ roof.

Working together to bring inclusivity Working together to bring inclusivity

Our D&I group works together to help foster a diverse and inclusive workspace. How? By creating a company-wide platform to uplift and empower underrepresented groups. We also hold training sessions for our teams to tackle important  subjects, creating an educated, aware and unbiased company.

Join us to bring clinical trials into the 21st century